8 Effective Tips To Use LinkedIn For Your Business

Are you a business owner looking to add social sharing options after converting the HTML site to WordPress? Then LinkedIn must be one of the networks with which you must connect your interface. LinkedIn is the world’s largest social networking platform catering specifically to professionals. Entrepreneurs must know about tips to use LinkedIn effectively for growing their business. With more than 610 million users across 200 nations, it is an incredibly powerful avenue which companies cannot ignore. However, most enterprises do not focus on the platform to promote their business. They are active on other networks like Facebook and Twitter while treating LinkedIn as a source to find good employees. Let’s see how the professional networking tool can be used by businesses.


1. Upload A Complete Profile


The internal search algorithm of the network only identifies complete profiles. In order to generate maximum visibility for your account, it must be ensured that all necessary details have been provided. Include your logo and a suitable cover photograph on the business page. In the headline, provide the correct location and the industry to which the company belongs. Provide a brief description of the nature of the business and the products or services offered by you. The service allows people to use 2,000 characters for the purpose. However, the first 156 are extremely important as they will be displayed in the Google preview of the business page.


2. Become Active On LinkedIn Groups


Users can form and join groups on the platform to interact and network. You can find a group related to your industry by using the search feature. The network also provides group suggestions to users based on their profile. These groups are a good way to connect with professionals as well as businesses in your field. Actively participating in group discussions will draw attention to your business page. Users also have the option to start their own group which other like-minded entities can join. You can showcase up to three featured groups on your page.


3. Ask Employees To Join The Business Page


Every other professional is using LinkedIn to find better employment opportunities. You can use this fact to further your business. In fact, your employees are one of the best and easily-accessible resources for expanding your reach. Ask staff members to use the platform and join the company’s profile page. The content shared by the workforce will be considered much more dependable than the usual social media posts. This allows you to connect with their followers and provides with an excellent opportunity to widen your user-base.


4. Create An Open Profile


The effectiveness of the platform can be increased by creating a premium account. This will let you access some additional useful features. One such helpful feature is to create an open profile. This allows premium subscribers to connect with unknown members provided they are using the same feature. Exchanging messages with people which you was not possible otherwise opens up new avenues for your business. This is one of the most useful tips to use LinkedIn which allows entrepreneurs to find potential customers or partners.


5. Use Advertising To Promote Your Enterprise


Just like Google, the professional networking channel also offers a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising solution. Businesses have to bid against their rivals for an advert and they have the freedom to choose the amount they wish to pay for a click, impression or delivered InMail. You have the option to target the audience through text ads and sponsored content. You can also use email marketing by sending personalized ads to other members through the InMail feature. This allows users to focus on a niche target audience which helps in realizing business goals quickly.


6. Post Valuable Content On Your Page


Content is an effective tool to engage the audience with a brand. It also helps in attracting more people and growing the list of followers. Business owners must post regularly on their company pages. The content does not need to be only about the company updates. Users can publish helpful articles on topics related to their industry. The can conduct research to find out what readers are interested in and accordingly fashion the content. If you have a blog which is regularly updated, then you can share its relevant links on the LinkedIn page.


7. Use Analytics To Assess Your Performance


Accurate assessments are necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing strategy. LinkedIn offers analytics to make comprehensive assessments of the company page as well as advertising campaigns. Users can drill down to see the demographics of their visitors and measure conversion rates in real time. They can also monitor the activity on their pages to see how people are interacting with the published content. All this information will be helpful in fine-tuning the overall strategy.


8. Create Showcase Pages To Focus On Specific Items


Another useful feature of the platform is Showcase Pages. Let’s say you have launched a new product and want to promote it. The