8 Incredible Places to Visit in Panchgani on Your Maharashtra Tour

There are some incredibly beautiful places to visit in Panchgani not many travelers know of. From hilly spots and the serene ambiance to the pleasant weather and unmatched scenery, Panchgani is an absolute treat to visit. For those looking at places to visit in Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar, you will find several that will take your fancy. Why Mahabaleshwar, you ask? Well, because it’s also one of the best places to visit in the state and you can easily cover the Panchgani to Mahabaleshwar distance. For now, let us look at some of the best ever places to visit in Panchgani.


Top Panchgani tourist places to explore:


While there are many Mumbai travel guides around, not much is said as elaborately about Panchgani. For instance, did you know that Panchgani to Pune and vice versa is a popular travel route? Well, it is! You will be amazed at how many incredible places to visit in Panchgani there are! Many of them can be covered by those making unplanned trips on last minute flights as well. Check some of them out below!


  1. Table Land Panchgani Viewpoint


Perched comfortably atop a giddy height of approximately 4,500 feet above sea level, Table Land Panchgani viewpoint is the topmost attraction to explore. Panchgani’s highest point, this spectacular mountain plateau is among the longest ones ever! Sprawled across 6 km, this complanate laterite rock is among the most scenic places to visit in Panchgani. Visit with family and friends alike to share the joy of breathtaking mountain-top views!


  1. Dhom Dam


Famed for thrilling water sports, Dhom Dam is among the most fun and picturesque places to visit in Panchgani. Built sometime in the early 1980s, the dam’s main purpose was to provide water for industrial and agricultural use. Today, it serves as a popular tourist spot. You can sail among the stunning dam waters after hiring a speedboat or scooter boat. It’s an incredibly fun activity to enjoy with friends.


  1. Sydney Point


Sydney Point Panchgani, Maharashtra is among the most exciting places to visit in the country. Gorgeous in itself, Sydney Point offers breathtaking views of the valleys as well. You will be able to enjoy stunning views of Dhom Dam, City of Wai, Krishna Valley, and Kamalgad Fort among other things. Do remember to take your camera along to capture remarkable panoramic views from the spot. These will make valuable additions in your travel album.


  1. Paragliding in Panchgani


Paragliding in Panchgani is a must-try when visiting the region on business class flights. Among the most thrilling things ever, this is the best way to see the scenic region. The birds-eye-view of gorgeous landscapes as you glide above will leave you mesmerized. Many of the places to visit in Panchgani offer paragliding services. Choose depending on the spot you’re traveling in and the kind of attractions you wish to see below.


  1. Kamalgad Fort


While paragliding in Panchgani may be a thrilling experience, exploring its historical sites are no less exciting! Kamalgad Fort is among the top historical places to visit in Panchgani for travelers who wish to know the fascinating past of the region. Constructed during the erstwhile Maratha reign, the square-shaped fort is encircled by steep rocks. Thereby, take necessary precautions when trekking to see the spectacular Kamalgad Fort.


  1. Kate’s Point


Also popularly called the Echo Point, this is among the most interesting places to visit in Panchgani. Christened after the daughter of the man who reportedly founded Mahabaleshwar, Kate’s Point offers splendid views of Krishna Valley and Dhom Dam. Visit and enjoy spectacular views of the stunning natural surroundings. This is among the topmost things to do in Panchgani.


  1. Mapro Gardens


Not a garden in the truest essence, Mapro Garden is where you can get your hands on unique and special fruit-based merchandise. For diverse attractions all in one place, this is among the best places to visit in Panchgani. Here, you will find a restaurant, a store that sells Mapro merchandise, a tony nursery, a chocolate factory, and a play area for children. You can easily spend a good couple of hours here without even realizing it!


  1. Devrai Art Village


This should be high on the list of places to visit in Panchgani for art lovers. The remarkable village is a non-profit association of artists that aims to connect art with nature. Also, it is a source of livelihood for tribal artists who arrive seeking refuge from Naxalite-affected areas such as Chhattisgarh and Gadchiroli. You can look through and shop for stunning handcrafted items made using fabric, bamboo, brass, wood, iron, and tone among other things.


Best time to visit Panchgani:


There is no specific best time to explore the stunning places to visit in Panchgani. With awesome weather all year round, any time is the best time to visit Panchgani. However, if you intend to extensively sightsee during the trip, avoid visiting Panchgani during the monsoon months of June-September. The ideal time to traverse the gorgeous places to visit in Panchgani is between October and May. You can fly down to Panchagani by booking cheap flights with Indian Eagle travel agency. Flowers are in full bloom, lush greenery abounds, and the weather is at its finest during this time.




Meta Description – Beautiful and best places to visit in Panchgani include Table Land Viewpoint, Dhom Dam, Sydney Point, Kate’s Point, Kamalgad Fort, Devrai Artist’s Village and others. Also try paragliding in Panchgani besides exploring top places to visit in Panchgani.