Care Tips for Swelling Post-Circumcision in Men

The term for the removal of the excess loose skin on the head of the penis is circumcision. This loose skin often surrounds the penis, and men opt for the surgery for several reasons. The most common reasons include religious, medical, as well as personal or family reasons. When it comes to circumcision in men, some religions and cultures make it an important practice for children to undergo the procedure.

However, there a number of medical benefits to why adults opt for this procedure. In a normal scenario, the adult circumcision surgery proceeds on an outpatient basis, and this lasts for about 45 minutes when performed under local or light sedation anesthesia. When men opt for this procedure, the common technique surgeon’s use is the sleeve resection method. During the procedure, surgeons make a freehand cut around the shaft of the penis. They further push away the foreskin towards the glans of the penis and they make incisions in the same position as the first incision.

To finish the procedure, they pull back the edges and stitch it with medical sutures. In case the penis tip bends, surgeons may also incise the frenulum during the procedure, or separately perform it. The tightness and the scar line may be variable all depending on the anatomy of the patient.

Post the surgery, it is normal for the penis area to feel pain and have swelling. This lasts for a day or two, and with proper care, it can even fade away in a day or two. Some of the best tips for maintaining swelling post the surgery include:

Limit Your Activity

Whenever you feel tired, you should try to rest for a while, and know that sleeping helps in quick recovery. Whenever possible, you should try to walk around, and when days pass, you should increase this gradually. Post the surgery, you should take a shower only when your health expert advice you to do so, and take off the bandage only upon their guidance.

Post the circumcision; you should avoid any hectic or strenuous activities. For example, avoid lifting any weight, jogging, aerobic exercises, or jogging. Stay away from these for at least four weeks, or until when your surgeon or healthcare expert advice otherwise. You should only return to your normal routine when you feel you are fine. This may take about a week or more.

Take Prescribed Painkillers

Painkillers work well to keep down swelling post the circumcision, but you need to follow the instructions of the Circumcision Center expert only. Swelling is the after the result of the snip, and most medications work well to keep the swelling under control. Before you decide to take any medication, just consult an experienced circumcision expert, who would be able to control the swelling. Just follow the prescription and guidance your doctor suggests.

When your doctor prescribes the best medicines, you should follow them properly. If you are thinking of taking some over the counter painkillers, only take them upon confirmation from your doctor. Note that some painkillers contain Tylenol, which is often harmful to the body. If you feel the medicines make you feel sick in the stomach, just take them after meals only.

Apply Ice and Elevation

If you wish to reduce the swelling, as an aftercare should take some ice packs and apply them on your groin or penis for at least 10-20 minutes at a time. You should continue with this at least for 1-2 hours in the first week. You can also apply some ice pack on the skin but only use a cloth between your skin and the ice. To reduce swelling, you need to keep the position in the best way, so that your underwear keeps the penis in an upright position.

Stick to a Healthy Diet

Only take soft meals during the healing phase. During this time, your stomach will probably be in a delicate state, since you will consume many medicines at a time. The best piece of advice is to stick to low-fat meals, plain rice, broiled chicken, chicken, and ensure that you take enough juices and water.

Proper Care of the Incisions

Furthermore, you need to remove the incision dressing when the doctor advises you to take it off. While taking a bath you can do this by soaking it in a warm water bath. You should wear underwear that is soft and comfortable for you. This should also depend on your personal preference to go for a loose or snug fit one. The right advice is to choose a snug fit one, which should keep your penis in an upright position.

Keep in mind that swelling post the adult circumcision procedure is not a difficult task. You just have to make sure that you stick to the right precautionary tips and measures. Finally, you need to focus well on ensuring the incisions heal well, and eventually resume your daily chores and routine once again.