Getting a Liquor License in the UAE

You’re in danger of punishments and arraignment (counting the departure of a visa and substantial fines) if devouring or transporting alcohol without a license in the UAE.


In the case of drinking refreshments at home or out in the open, an official card is required, so here’s the manner by which to get one and see whether you qualify.


Just non-Muslim UAE inhabitants (matured more than 21 and gaining AED3000 or more every month) get the opportunity to get an alcohol license. You’ll have to give a work contract, pay authentication, home visa, international ID and occupancy contract.

In the event that your name isn’t on the occupancy, the individual on the rent must supply a declaration of no complaint just as a duplicate of their international ID pages and residency visa. In case you’re restoring and your license is from another emirate a similar testament must be provided from that is Emirates police division. A wedded lady on her better half’s visa must get authentication of no complaint.

Ensure you’re Legal-Abu Dhabi Residents and Alcohol

Since Abu Dhabi is a piece of the UAE, a Muslim nation and there are stringent principles about alcohol utilization. It is imperative to watch the laws and traditions so as not to end up in prison. The fundamental standards about alcohol which you have to watch.


Alcohol utilization is lawful for non-Muslims and just whenever alcoholic inside a licensed foundation or private setting.


On the off chance that you are a non-Muslim inhabitant, you may acquire a liquor license, purchase alcohol from an authority store and expend it at home.


On the off chance that you are in the nation on a   visa you may not buy an alcohol license but rather you can purchase and expand alcohol in your lodging or a licensed foundation.


There is zero resilience for open inebriation and alcoholic driving. You should be more than 21 to be served alcohol in an eatery or bar and licenses are just issued to those more than 21.


Alcohol licenses from different Emirates are not qualified in Abu Dhabi.


On the off chance that you are utilized as a driver, you are not qualified to get a license.

Alcohol License Facts

It is prudent to convey your license with you consistently. When you make a buy the merchant needs to write in the license (which comes as a booklet) how much alcohol you purchased and when you made your buy.


When you have your alcohol license you are restricted with regards to the measure of cash you can go through on alcohol a month as indicated by your pay.


You can spend up to 20% of your month to month salary on alcohol a month. The base compensation expected to get an alcohol license is 3000-4000Dhs.


The license enables you to buy alcohol for individual utilize just and not for resale.


Regardless of whether you have acquired the alcohol lawfully, you are not permitted to show it openly.


You have to recharge the license every year

The most effective method to Get a Liquor License in Abu Dhabi

The standards have as of late changed while you used to apply at any alcohol store or the police headquarters, presently all applications are on the web. A Special License Office was built up in April 2012 which currently issues all alcohol licenses, those beforehand issued are as yet legitimate.


So as to apply and to get to data about the prerequisites you have to login/register on the site.


Required documentation while applying for an Alcohol License


Religious Certificate expressing what religion you are, this can be acquired from your government office or other important specialists.


A no-protest letter from your manager together with subtleties of your pay and the amount you make a month. A spouse who does not work must incorporate a no-complaint letter from her significant other!


  • Finished license application structure.
  • Duplicate of your identification.
  • Duplicate of living arrangement visa.
  • Duplicate of your work contract.
  • 2 identification photographs.
  • The expense for the license. This is 20% of the estimation of the license.