Useful Tips to Keep Your E-Liquids and E-cigarettes

Having a great ecig and eliquid isn’t in every case enough – the best device on the planet can suffer wear and tear, or from hard use. Fortunately, these 10 hints will help you keep your ecig in tip-top condition.

Try not to Let Your Eliquid Run Too Low

For Bottom Dual Coil clearomisers (BDC’s), when eliquid is at a level below the holes in the atomisers, your atomiser won’t be able to attract enough eliquid. This risks dry consume. In addition to the fact that this tastes foul, you chance consuming your atomiser out.

For CE5s basically ensure the eliquid does not run excessively low by keeping it topped up regularly. At the same time, make sure you don’t overfill your clearomiser. In the event that the eliquid goes above the level of the center tube you will flood your clearomiser.


Keep Your Battery Terminal Clean.

Grimy terminals can affect performance or prevent the terminal connecting with the clearomiser. Basically clean the terminal with a cotton bud to keep it clean. You can likewise clean the end of the clearomiser similarly.

This can be very effective. In a comment on a previous post, reader Craig Mahers explained that he had idea his battery had given up the apparition, however after a decent clean the battery was performing well once more.

In the event that the battery is neglecting to make a connection, the terminal may have been pushed in. Attempt very gently hauling it out with a wooden toothpick (it just needs to come up a millimeter or somewhere in the vicinity). Please be careful when you do this, as though you damage it, it might void the guarantee. Always buy from quality Vape and E-Juice online Store.

On the off chance that your battery isn’t making a connection, a temporary answer for when you are all over the place and desperate for a Vape is to press the catch and moderate rotate the clearomiser on its thread until you hear a bubbling noise. When you are doing this, however, make sure you don’t over tighten the clearomiser!


Store Your Ecig Correctly

The air holes on your clearomiser are there to give you sufficient wind stream over the curl to keep the Vape at a comfortable temperature. They are additionally critical for ensuring that your wick remains saturated with eliquid. On the off chance that you leave your ecig on its side or upside down, the eliquid can travel toward these holes and will eventually leak.

  • Store ecig upstanding. This will help abstain from flooding the airspace.
  • Store far from water.
  • Keep far from direct daylight.
  • Keep far from high temperatures.


Keep Your Clearomiser and Atomiser Clean

Keeping up your clearomiser and atomiser can keep performance high and extend atomiser life.



  1. Remove clearomiser from battery.
  2. Take atomiser and mouth piece separated (if possible – not all clearomisers can be dismantled).

iii. Wash with hot however not bubbling water.

  1. Leave for something like 24 hours to dry.

You can likewise clean your clearomiser in specialized ultrasonic drying equipment, and some of our readers have recommended utilizing denture tablets for cleaning. Place the atomiser in evaporate rice to speed the drying process.

Keeping Your Mouthpiece Clear

Lighten and residue can easily accumulate in your mouth piece, hindering the stream of vapor. Just remove the mouthpiece and blow through it to clear. You can likewise use a bit of tissue paper to clear away any condensed eliquid as well as rinse the mouth piece in warm water.


Keep Your Ecig in a Case or on a Lanyard

Electronic cigarettes are wonderful devices that have helped numerous people free themselves from customary cigarettes, however they are not immune to the effects of gravity. Ecigs can easily get damaged (or lost!). A case can help protect sensitive parts when not being used, while a cord keeps it safely around your neck and prevent it from being lost


Beware of trousers

They’re utilitarian, sometimes fashionable, however trousers are additionally expert level ecig professional killers! One bend excessively far and that ecig in your pocket can snap faster than you can squint. Somewhere, at this moment, an ecig user is reviling the sweet-smelling dark colored stain their broken ecig left in their favorite combine of carrot fits.

Unless you’re wearing something loose like Harlem pants, be careful on the off chance that you put your ecig in your pocket.


Try not to Run Your Batteries Right Down

Keeping some charge in your batteries can extend their life. Additionally be sure to ensure that batteries are charged before pressing for transport or long journeys, and keep far from high temperatures. Always select best quality providing E-Cigarettes Batteries Online.


Try not to Screw the Clearomiser in Too Tightly

Screwing a clearomiser too firmly into the clearomiser can damage the connections. Screw the clearomiser it in immovably (by hand) however not very firmly.

Very rarely, a clearomiser can be hard to unscrew from the battery. Assuming this is the case, use something like a rubber grasp to attempt and loosen it. Never take your instruments to it, as this could damage both the clearomiser and the battery. To maintain a strategic distance from mis-threading a clearomiser, when screwing in the loop and atomiser turn it hostile to clockwise until you hear a tick.


Change the Coil and Atomiser

Curls are a consumable. On the off chance that you are utilizing a clearomiser with replaceable curls, (for example, the Aspire Bottom Dual Clearomiser) change the loop every month or so to keep up best performance (especially in the event that you are hearing a murmuring noise or are getting a consumed taste).


Store Eliquid Away From Light

Putting away eliquid in the fridge or even freezing it (clearly, additionally ensure the tyke evidence top is screwedrd on firmly on the off chance that you have children).