What is the best online banking solution for bloggers? Especially in PayPal unsupported countries?

Blogging is now the hottest topic for anyone who wants to earn money online. yes, it is but just thinking about it doesn’t make you successful in blogging career. There are other important factors like handling payments which are the most crucial part because your main motive of blogging is to earn money.

Now the problem you will face is how you can receive payments from international companies or individuals? Don’t worry I got you covered. Here I have described the best online banking company which is supported in most of the countries.

How to receive payments

All your earning will be through “google adsense” which is an advertisement allows you to display ads in your blog and when you have earned sufficient amount then you can withdraw it.

the problem is they will pay in your dollars and if you are from other countries so you need an online money transfer platform to receive the payment in your country currency.

Paypal is the widely used company but the issue with it is that it only support some of the countries. so the alternative of PayPal is mentioned below.

Payoneer is the best company when it comes to online money transfer because it is accepted in all countries and you don’t need to have other platforms to receive payments.

Let’s talk more in detail about the Payoneer company.

What is Payoneer

Payoneer is similar to a bank account which enables you to accept payments in other currencies. from it you can send and receive money to all over the world without worrying about the transaction. it was founded in 2005 as an alternative to online money transfer services and has a goal to provide the first class features to benefits the business merchants, bloggers, freelancers to easily do business.

How to receive payments in Payoneer

The process of receiving money through Payoneer is very simple. you just need to select the Payoneer account when you will withdraw money from companies and once you have received that money in your account then withdraw it to your linked local bank account or you can load it in  Payoneer MasterCard to do shopping.

How to open a Payoneer account?

Opening a Payoneer account doesn’t require rocket science. The process will take up to 5 mins and you are done. First of all, go to the Payoneer official website and then click on “sign up” button. After that, you have to fill a registration form like other accounts. Then submit the form with accurate details.

They will verify your account in 1-2 working days and then you are all free to do anything in the account.

What are the features of Payoneer?

Payoneer is the company known for providing world-class features which helps everyone to ease the workload.

  1. free 25$ signup bonus

Sounds amazing right, who doesn’t want to earn free money. Payoneer is offering a 25 Payoneer bonus when you will create a new account on Payoneer. It is an amazing opportunity to earn from Payoneer company.

  1. easy to set up

As mentioned above the process of registration for a Payoneer account is very simple you just have to fill out the required details and a proof of identity. The identity will be used to verify your entered details. Remember all the details should be completely accurate otherwise, your account will not be verified and you will miss all the benefits of Payoneer.

  1. supported in all countries

Payoneer is the best solution for online banking as it is accepted in all countries so you don’t need to find any other platform for the money transfer process. that means it doesn’t matter where you are working from, you can surely take benefits of Payoneer services.

Today Payoneer has become the best choice for sending and receiving money cross-border. The company promises to provide the best support in all countries.

  1. cost fewer services

In payoneer, you don’t have to pay for any extra fee like in PayPal. This is the core reason why most of the people prefer Payoneer to send and receive payments. in Payoneer, the currency conversion charge is not there because it supports transaction in 5 currencies.

Payoneer provides cost fewer services which is very beneficial for bloggers when they are just starting to earn so they don’t have to spend that money on paying charges.

  1. money withdrawal in 2 hours

Payoneer offers withdrawal of your money to your bank account within 2 hours which is the quickest international withdrawal compared to other platforms.  Now you don’t have to wait for 2-3 days to get your money in the bank.

  1. affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is one of the fields to earn online money today and Payoneer is offering it to earn some money just by making people join Payoneer platform. You will earn a commission when someone will successfully signup through your referral link.

How it is best for bloggers?

Payoneer is best for bloggers because it is offering excellent services and freedom to do business from other country peoples and have a financial relationship without the stress of scams. Payoneer also doesn’t charge a hidden fee which can make you sad when you left with little money. other than that they provide 24×7 customer support service which is capable of solving any problem you face.

So if you are serious for blogging then I recommend you to consider the Payoneer platform as it is the best alternative for online money transfer across the globe.