What is the most common treatment for breast cancer?

Breast cancer has become one of the most common forms of cancer in the women and a number of women are falling prey to this disease. Breast cancer is one serious problem which needs to be treated at the earliest. Fortunately, medical science has been developing at a great pace considering which breast cancer treatments are also getting better with time. Today, people have a number of options for their breast cancer treatment and hence they can consult with their doctor to choose the best treatment option to treat their cancer.

Cancer doctors in Delhi suggests that all the breast cancer treatments have two important goals:

  1. To help the body get rid of as much cancer as possible.
  2. To prevent cancer from relapsing in the breast or any other area of the body.


Different types of breast cancer treatments:

There are various types of treatment options for breast cancer treatment in women. Some of these treatments help remove or destroy the disease in the breast as well as nearby tissues. These treatment options include the following:


  • Surgery:


        Surgery removes the whole breast and this process is called mastectomy. Surgery also helps remove only the tumour or the tissues around it which are called lumpectomy/breast-conserving surgery. Both these procedures have different types.



  • Radiation therapy:


      Under the radiation therapy, high-energy waves are administered inside the body of a female to kill all the cancer cells.

Other treatment options that help control or destroy cancer cells that are present all over the body include the following:


  • Chemotherapy:


      Chemotherapy makes the use of drugs to kill cancer cells. All the powerful drugs and medicines fight the disease. At the same time, this therapy comes with a number of side-effects with include hair loss, nausea, hot flashes, early menopause, and fatigue.



  • Hormone therapy:


         Hormone therapy makes the use of drugs to prevent hormones, particularly oestrogen from developing the growth of breast cancer cells. There are several medications administered under this particular therapy. Some of the types of this therapy also work by stopping the ovaries from making hormones. This is done either by medication or surgery.



  • Targeted therapy:


      Targeted therapies such as lapatinib, trastuzumab or pertuzumab are used to treat the cancer cells. These are nothing but medications which prompt the immune system of the body to destroy the cancer cells. They particularly target breast cancer cells which have high levels of a protein known as HER2.

Breast cancer treatment surely has choices and a good consultation with your doctor will help you choose the best treatment designed for your body. It is suggested to talk with the cancer doctor in Delhi about all kinds of benefits as well as risks associated with each treatment option and how they are going to affect your overall lifestyle. You can also seek important suggestions from all the women who have undergone or going through the treatment of breast cancer.